Outside Help

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive condition, which means there will be a progression of care needs as the disease advances. In too many instances, long-term caregiving takes place without necessary knowledge or support. Don’t let this happen to you! The best time to investigate in-home care options as well as assisted living and skilled nursing facilities is BEFORE those options are needed. This will make your life easier if this transition becomes necessary down the line. Remember to take advantage of your network. Friends and family are likely willing and able to help you in various ways, even if they do not live nearby. Your local community is also a good source of diverse resources.

Getting outside help does not necessarily mean hiring an individual or agency; there are many local options you can explore.
Leaving your loved one in someone else's care is not easy. But if you hire the right caregiver and familiarize them with your loved one's particular needs, it can be an invaluable help.
If your daily needs and those of the person with Parkinson’s cannot be met safely and effectively at home, a care facility is needed.